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9 February 2021

Dear Warrawong High School Community,

Re: COVID Intensive Learning Support program


You may be aware that the NSW Department at the end of last year announced that they would be funding a COVID intensive learning support program to deliver intensive tuition for students in 2021.

The COVID intensive learning support program provides additional support to our school ensuring student’s benefit from high-quality literacy, numeracy or specific subject area content that best meets their current learning needs.

To support the identification of students, we will be using a range of existing tools and processes including :

·         Information from teachers, learning and support teams, students’ personalised learning and support plans and internal and external assessment data sources gathered eg. NAPLAN and Progressive Academic Achievement Testing results.

·         English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) Progression information; school determined assessments, personalised learning plans, attendance data and other teacher records. 

We will work through a planning process to:

·         Identify the learning and support needs of individuals or groups of students

·         Prioritise the learning and support needs of individuals or groups of students and the professional learning needs of staff 

·         Evaluate regularly, the efficacy of learning and support for students

·         Integrate the program through existing teams including; Learning Support team and Intensive English Centre

·         Support the regular classroom teacher to meet the needs of all students

·         Collaborate with students, parent’s and carers.  

Effective practice

Small groups of students will be withdrawn from their regular timetabled class and formed to maximise effective learning. Other features on the program include:

·         Small group tuition of 3-5 students 

·         Involve sessions that are 20-50 minutes in duration 

·         These sessions will occur up to 3 times per week, the impact on learning will determine length of weeks in the program

·         Be targeted to students’ specific needs 

·         Provide feedback to students and the students’ other teachers, school or parents and carers.

·         Teachers and educators will maintain open and regular lines of communication with classroom teachers as well as parents and carers, to ensure learning remains consistent with the curriculum and individual learning progress. 

Our intensive learning support program will be led by Deputy Principal, Instructional Leader - Mrs Renee Pettit. If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact the school for further information.


Brad Hughes




CRICOS Provider Name: NSW Department of Education 

CRICOS Provider Code: 00588M