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Warrawong High School Wellbeing Team

At Warrawong High School, our Wellbeing Team is made up of:

        Year Advisors who follow their year group throughout their schooling to ensure students feel safe, supported and connected

        Student Support Officer - Provides mentoring , sessions, mediation, links to the community and deliver group wellbeing programs.   

        School counsellors who provide private counselling sessions for students with specific needs

        WHIN (Wellbeing Health In-Reach Nurse) Connects families and students with allied health.

        Head Teacher of Wellbeing & Engagement who supports and leads the team, whilst overseeing and assisting the wellbeing needs of all students

The whole team ensures necessary student concerns are communicated across the whole school so classroom teachers can make specific adjustments to their teaching to ensure the individual’s wellbeing needs are met. Because at Warrawong High School, student wellbeing is everybody’s business.


Jess Moore - School Councillor                  Days:  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - Week A  

Jade Bryce - School Counsellor                  Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday  -  Week B



Nisrine Hijazi

Head Teacher Wellbeing & Engagement



Megan Murdzevski

Head Teacher Wellbeing & Engagement

Year 12 Advisor

Kurt Costello

Faculty: Support 




Year 11 Advisor

Andrew Martin

Faculty: Learning Support Team

Year 10 Advisor

Samantha Bell

Faculty: PDHPE 


Year 9 Advisor

Erin Harman

Faculty: TASAM 



Year 8 Advisor

Nik Stanojevic

Faculty: HSIE 




Reagan Leet

Year 7 Advisor

Faculty:  English



Support Unit Advisor

Troy Fleming

Faculty: Support Faculty


Student Support Officer

J​eniveve Podmore

Available: Every Day



Wellbeing and Health in-reach Nurse

Erin Smolders



Aboriginal Learning Support Officer.

Phil Brown