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Creative arts


Ms Rath               Visual Arts, Visual Design and Photography Teacher

Miss Harmon      Visual Arts, Visual Design and Photography Teacher

The Creative arts at Warrawong high School prepare our students for the 21st Century by providing them with the opportunity to develop their critical thinking and creative solution making, in both artmaking and critical and historical studies.

We support students in building their artmaking by developing skills in drawing, painting, ceramics, digital media, sculpture, printmaking, installation art, photography and video production. Student’s creativity is nurtured whilst focussing on developing collaborative skills, practising persistence and obtaining discipline.

We offer students opportunities to extend their interests through excursion, art and film competitions including our own WACKI Film Festival, workshops, exhibiting their art throughout the school and our weekly art club. 

In stage 4 we introduce students to artmaking practices including drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking and graphics. They study a variety of art styles and movements including Pop art, German Expressionism, Indigenous art and Photorealism. Students begin the analyse images and learn to create works with a conscious intention.

In stage 5 we offer Visual Arts and Photography electives. Students begin to study in greater detail the practical and theoretical components of the courses. Students look at the local landscape and people for inspiration to develop their concepts for their artworks. Further drawing and painting skills are developed as well as exploring street art, installation, video and photography.  Students learn to write detail written responses referring The Frames, Conceptual Framework and Practice. 

In stage 6 we offer Visual Arts, Visual Design and Photography electives. Students learn to work autonomously to develop personal interests and skill sets to create a Body of Work. As well as building their critical thinking and capacity to write, thought provoking and knowledgeable responses.