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Payment - School Bytes

Our school has implemented a system called School Bytes to manage payments.


The School Bytes portal provides flexibility for you to:

  • Make school payments online (including paying for multiple siblings at once)
  • Use a family credit to pay for an activity or school contributions.
  • Download a receipt for payments made.
  • View all historical payments in one place.
  • Complete and submit digital permission notes.
  • View the status of all permission notes.

Online payments are processed in real-time and can be viewed by school staff immediately.

Parents/carers can visit the School Bytes portal at any time to make a payment online, view payment history and apply credit. For non-student payments, please contact the school for a payment link.

Important information:

·         Emails will be sent to you from noreply@mail.schoolbytes.education.

·         If the activity involves a cost, the make a payment button will allow you to pay securely, quickly, and easily via credit or debit card after granting permission (Visa and Mastercard only).

·         Online forms including permission notes, will be sent to you directly via School Bytes with a link enclosed. Select the link to open the secure online form.

·         The online form will have information about the activity with a section for a digital signature (either with a mouse or your finger) prior to submitting.

Please note: Transactions made through the online payment portal will appear on your bank statement as 0SCHOOLSONLINE 0000 PARRAMATTA AU.



School Bytes parent app is now available!


We are pleased to announce that the School Bytes team has launched a parent app forApple and Android devices.

This app is designed to complement our existing parent portal, and makes it easier forparents to use School Bytes on their mobile devices. In addition, a key feature is theaddition of push notifications so you can send out alerts to parents through the app.

Frequently asked questions

Why a parent app now?

A parent app was not originally on our roadmap, however in the past month, we haveused a new app development framework that has allowed our team to develop a highquality, reliable mobile app extremely quickly. The development of this app alsoaddresses feedback given by parents in terms of ease of access to information.

What is the cost of the parent app?

The parent app is no additional cost, and is included as part of your annual subscriptionto School Bytes.

When will it be available?

The app is available now.

Where will parents be able to download the app?

The app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Directlinks are provided below:

App Store - 


Google Play -


Can it send push notifications?

Yes. Various areas of School Bytes have been uplifted to support sending pushnotifications including school news posts, emergency alerts, newsletter uploads, and newactivity/excursion alerts.

What functions does the parent app have?

The parent app has all the same functionality as our web-based parent portal. The app will only show the modules that your school has subscribed to.