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Software Design and Development

Students may choose this course even if they have little previous experience in the area of information technology .   If you have already studied Information and Software Technology you may be familiar with some of the topics so you can progress through them quickly.   The course may be taken along with Information Processes and Technology and information Technology VET, giving a potential of up to 6 units of computing.

The Preliminary course introduces students to the basic concepts of computer software design and development.   It does this by looking at the different ways in which software can be developed, the tools that can be used to assist in this process and by considering the interaction between software and other components of the computer system.

The HSC course builds on the Preliminary course, and asks students to develop and document software using a variety of data structures and language facilities and through these will learn to solve a number of interesting and relevant software problems.

Main topics covered:


Concepts and Issues in the design and development of software solutions - Social & Ethical issues, Hardware and software and Software development approaches.

Introduction to software development - Planning, Building, Checking and Modifying solutions.

Developing software solutions - Project work.



Development and impact of software solutions – Social and ethical issues, Application of software development approaches.

Software Development cycle – Understanding, Planning and designing, Implementation, Testing and evaluation, Maintenance.

Developing a solution package – Project work.

Options strands – Evolution of programming languages   OR
The software developers view of the hardware.

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