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OnGuard Safety


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OnGuard Permanent Record


OnGuard keeps a permanent record of ALL of your safety training!

OnGuard Certificate


OnGuard provides you with training certification certificates for ALL modules completed.

What is OnGuard?

OnGuard is an on-line safety teaching, learning & training program used at Warrawong High School. The web based nature of the program allows students & teachers to have 24-7 access to ALL safety records & information & can be accessed from anywhere with an active internet connection, from any device.

How does it work?

OnGuard provides teachers with an excellent industry standard training package that communicates essential information to students when training them in the safe & appropriate use of a range of tools, resources & machinery used at school. Each training module is completed when a student completes a short quiz. All quizzes require a 100% mark, as only 100% safety is acceptable in any school of workforce & our main priority in the classroom is the safety & well being of all of our students.

Students MUST COMPLETE their relevant OnGuard training modules before being permitted to undertake practical activities.


OnGuard helps students gain employment

Upon completion of each training module students recieve a formal training accrediation certificate that can be presented as part of their CV in future employment applications.