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Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation

This subject is available to Year 11 and 12 students. Sport, Lifestlye and Recreation is a Content Endorsed Course meaning that it does not count towards a students A.T.A.R. 

Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation enables Stage 6 students to build upon their learning in Years K–10 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. Specifically, it focuses on those aspects of the learning area that relate most closely to participation in sport and physical activity.

The benefits of physical activity for the individual and the community as a whole are well documented. The individual can benefit from increased fitness and reduced incidence of lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular and respiratory disease, obesity, diabetes mellitus, and osteoporosis. These benefits are complemented by positive psychological and social outcomes that characterise quality of life.

Good health is also a major community asset in that it leads to a reduced financial burden on the community. Health experts have identified the promotion of physical activity as one of the most potentially significant public health initiatives in Australia.

Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation makes a positive contribution to the total wellbeing of students. They develop knowledge and understanding of the value of activity, increased levels of movement skill, competence in a wide variety of sport and recreation contexts and skills in planning to be active. These and other aspects of the course enable students to adopt and maintain an active lifestyle.

Students also develop a preparedness to contribute to the establishment of a health-promoting community that is supportive of its members adopting a healthy lifestyle. The strength of the community in this regard is enhanced by its members having the necessary skills and desire to adopt a range of officiating and support roles introduced in this course.

This course caters for a wide range of student needs. It can assist students in developing:

  • the qualities of a discerning consumer and an intelligent critic of physical activity and sport
  • high levels of performance skill in particular sports
  • the capacity to adopt administrative roles in community sport and recreation
  • the skills of coach, trainer, first aid officer, referee and fitness leader. In the context of this course it may be possible for students to acquire recognised qualifications in these areas.

It is also a course of relevance to all students as it reinforces the importance of being active and helps to develop a repertoire of skills that will assist students to remain active throughout their lives.

The course features a highly practical focus: physical activity being both an area of study and a medium for learning. All students should be given significant opportunities to apply theoretical understanding to practical situations that are socially and culturally relevant and gender inclusive. School programs should provide a balance between offering experience in a range of movement contexts and the opportunity to specialise in a specific sport or recreational activity.

The areas of sports science, physical education and human movement present viable post-school study and career pathways. This course provides a sound platform for further study and may offer some credit transfer opportunities into TAFE.[1]The Sport and Recreation industry is a major growth industry and in this course students will gain an understanding and appreciation of the vocational possibilities in this area.

[1]Details of available credit transfer can be found at the HSC/TAFE Credit Transfer website(http://www.det.nsw.edu.au/hsctafe).

Text is from the Board fo Studies Sport, Lifstyle and Recreation syllabus:

Board of Studies