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Textiles Stage 5-6

Textiles Stage 5-6

Textiles and Design is offered as an elective choice to all students returning to study Year 11. It is a 2 Unit, category A subject which contributes to a student's UAI. The Preliminary course involves experimenting with a range of construction techniques using a variety of fabrics to fit specific designs. An understanding of fibres, yarns and fabrics is developed. Practical work is a very important part of this course. The HSC course focuses on fashion designers and their use of a wide range of technologies.

Students studying this course develop an understanding of the textiles industry, small business and leisure activities. They also develop skills in designing, planning and manufacturing processes related to the textile industry, as well as the significance of different cultures and their influence on textiles.

Cushion cover designed by a Year 11 student for their first practical project

Main Topics Covered in this Course

  • Textile, clothing, footwear and allied industries
  • Properties and performance of textiles
  • Design
  • Major Textiles Project

In Year 12 students are required to design and manufacture a Major Project to demonstrate their proficiency of skills in the Textile industry. The Major Project and its accompanying portfolio are worth 60% of the student's HSC mark. This component of the course is marked by external markers. Work towards the Major Project begins at the commencement of the HSC course.

The remaining 40% of assessment is based on an external HSC examination.


Year 11-$15.00 for the cost of thread, materials etc. students are required to purchase material and notions for practical projects.

Year 12 - Students are required to pay for the cost of their major project.