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Mathematics Extension 1

Mathematics Extension 1

Prerequisites: Students must have achieved the outcomes in the core of the Advanced Mathematics course for the School Certificate, along with the recommended options.

Course Description: The course is intended to give students a thorough understanding of and competence in aspects of mathematics, including many which are applicable to the real world. The course is a recommended minimum basis for further studies in mathematics as a major discipline at a tertiary level and for the study of mathematics in support of the physical and engineering sciences. Although the course is sufficient for these purposes, students of outstanding mathematical ability should consider undertaking the Mathematics Extension 2 course.

Main Topics Covered

Preliminary Course

HSC Course

Basic Arithmetic and Algebra


Geometry of a Circle

Application of Calculus to the Physical World, including Simple Harmonic Motion and Projectile Motion.

Further trigonometry

Inverse Functions and Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Linear Functions and Lines

Binomial Theorem

The Parabola and Parametric Equations


Permutations, Combinations and Further Probability

Iterative methods for numerical estimation of the roots of a polynomial equation

Mathematical Induction

Further probability