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Industrial Tech Stage 5-6

Industrial Technology Timber is offered in both Stages 5 & 6 and is now a category A subject that will count towards a student ATAR ranking for entry into University.

In Stage 5 students develop knowledge and skills that relate to working with timber and associated industries. They also gain skills in the use of materials, tools and techniques in the areas of wood machining and cabinet work. Students will develop skills through hands-on practical activities in the design, planning and production of practical projects.

Workplace Health & Safety is of paramount importance in the course & all students MUST COMPLETE their MANDATORY OnGuard Safety Training prior commencing practical activities.

At present, the practical units we undertake include; Timber joinery techniques, both hand cut and machine cut and the design and fabrication of a coffee table. Our major research task is on timber furnishing businesses, how they operate, their sustainiable business practices and the employment opportunities that they provide.

In Stage 6 students develop a further awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability in relation to the use of materials and technologies and their effects on people, the workplace & society. During the Year 11 course students complete two practical projects including; a Carry Case & 'Take a Picture' (the creation of an ornate picture frame or mirror) whilst in Year 12 students complete a Major Project selected based on their own personal interest & desire. 










Year   9: $45.00 to cover material costs

Year 10: $45.00 to cover material costs

Year 11: $45.00 to cover material costs

Year 12: $45.00 to cover consumable resources

Samples of Students Work

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