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Facts About the WIEC

Warrawong Intensive English Centre ( IEC ) is the only non-Sydney metropolitan-based intensive English centre and is part of the well established Commonwealth and State governments' commitment to cultural diversity. The IEC is an Illawarra resource and students have enrolled from as far afield as Kiama in the south and Bulli in the north. After completion our students exit to their closest high school to continue their education in the mainstream. Most of our students are either refugees or migrants; others are mainly temporary visa holders.


Students are eligible to enrol if they: 

- fulfil visa requirements;

- are not fluent in the English language

- are between the ages of 11 and 18 and; 

- require preparation for high school or TAFE.


Many students are also eligible for free transport and interpreter services. The IEC provides English language tuition for adolescents from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds (CALD) and is part of the NSW Department of Education and Training. Our students study English through curriculum subjects, including English, Maths , Science, HSIE , Sport, Visual Arts, Home Science (TAS), PD/H/PE and Computing.

Students are also encouraged to compete in Warrawong High School's athletics and swimming carnivals, grade sport teams, and chess, math and science competitions. It is often their first opportunity to play in any organised sport or participate in academic activities such as math and chess competitions. Our students have excelled at times and several have topped their years and even been awarded Dux of a high school. The 2017 Dux of Warrawong High School started her Australian studies at Warrawong IEC!

Warrawong Intensive English Centre has been operating in the Illawarra for nearly 40 years and provides a secure and friendly English learning environment.

Harmony Day 2016

In 1979 the Warrawong Intensive English Centre was established and sited in demountables in the car park and grounds of our host school, Warrawong High School.  It was originally called the Intensive Language Unit, and then the Intensive Language Centre. Finally we made it out of the car park and into the classrooms of Warrawong High School!










Some interesting info:

Our students have come from 4 different continents - South America, Asia, Europe and Africa, 70 different countries and have spoken 75 different languages! The majority of our students have come from Vietnam, Macedonia and the former Yugoslavia. Now greater numbers are coming from Africa, the Middle East and Burma (Myanmar). 

1979 - our very first enrolment at the school came from Korea.

1989- our 500th enrolment in 1989 came from Macedonia

1998- our 1000th enrolment in 1998 came from Russia.

2008- our 1500th enrolment came from Burundi, Africa.

2016- our 2000th enrolment came from Syria. 

Where will our 2500th enrolment come from? I can only guess!!  


In 2018, we have 51 students from 15 different countries, speaking 16 different languages. How lucky we are to be surrounded by the sounds of the world!




Students doing geography activities open day