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Why do I need to learn about Science?

Luckily, we live in a country that both values and provides a formal comprehensive education for all its citizens … and that means you! For at least the next four years, part of your education will involve learning about science.

Learning about science is important because it helps you:

  • Understand how each component that makes up your world works, how they interact with each other and how you can apply this knowledge to a variety of other situations to deduce how something you have never seen before works.
  • Form your own opinions, rather than taking the opinions of others for granted.
  • Develop employability skills in leadership as you learn to organise your time, make good decisions, learn to delegate, negotiate and compromise, work both individually and as part of a team and become familiar with a wide range of technologies.
  • Present, explain and discuss your ideas to others using a multitude of different media.
  • Develop skills in not only critical thinking and logic, but also patience and tenacity.
  • Make predictions, devise fair tests, propose thoughtful questions and offer creative solutions.
  • It also makes you more inquisitive and gives you a healthy dose of scepticism as well.
Branches of Science


Science isn't about memorising a whole lot of facts; strangely this is the least important thing about science. Facts are common and are all around us, being able to make hypotheses (testable ideas) and discovering information that was previously unknown is far more important. This is because science is a practical subject and is done by doing it (experiments), not just reading about it.

Science is not about proving a particular thing happens either, it's actually about disproving that a particular thing happens. Only when you can't disprove something happens does that thing become truth.

Why do you need to learn about science? You need to learn about science so you can develop the knowledge and skills in order to test what you believe and hold to be true.