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Marine Studies Years 11-12

Marine Studies & Aquaculture Technology 11 - 12

MS 3

Content Endorsed Course (CEC) that cannot be used in the calculation of an ATAR

Course description:

Marine Studies provides students with the opportunity to:

  • Develop awareness of marine ecosystem diversity
  • Gain knowledge to assist with marine related occupations
  • Experience marine recreational activities
  • Development a sense of responsibility, respect and the need for wise management of marine resources
  • Measure the fundamental parameters which affect life in the marine environment
  • Develop skills in using tools to construct marine environments
  • Learn about and construct sustainable aquaponics systems
  • Breed marine creatures for a commercial purpose
  • Learn about marine first aid and complete a registered first aid course
  • Complete the Surf Survival Certificate qualification
  • Develop and master survival swimming and snorkelling skills

For whom this subject is intended:

The course has been designed for students of all abilities and will cater for a range of academic, vocational and recreational interests.

It will meet the needs of students who are not necessarily pursuing an academic career but who may be seeking knowledge and skills in the marine industries, tourism or urban development areas of employment.

Main topics covered:

  • Marine Environment
  • Marine Safety and First Aid
  • Humans in Water
  • Life in the Sea
  • Marine & Maritime Employment
  • Aquaculture
  • Commercial and Recreational Fishing
  • Marine Aquariums
  • Coastal Illawarra

Particular course requirements:

Students who select this subject must:

  • Be motivated and eager to participate in hands on activities
  • Be organised and prepared to engage in water based activities on a frequent basis
  • Be willing to conduct independent and group research on areas of interest



However, students need to purchase their own snorkelling equipment ($70-$100) and also pay for transport and other course costs.